Moyashimon Pattern: A. oryzae

A. oryzae

This amigurumi pattern creates a 3″ (7.5cm) aspergillus oryzae when crocheted with worsted weight yarn. If you would like a smaller oryzae, simply use a lighter weight yarn and smaller hook.

In order to use this pattern, you should be familiar with the magic ring technique. It is also recommended that you use an “invisible decrease” technique (such as crocheting the front loops of two stitches together) rather than just skipping a stitch (which leaves a hole). Please read the notes regarding changing yarn color as this is especially important in this pattern to create a nice clean rectangular mouth for oryzae. I also recommend using a shade of yellow that is dark enough to contrast well with the white of the mouth.

As long as you are familiar with amigurumi basics this pattern should be fairly straightforward (and quick!). The only tricky part is perhaps the antennae. To create these you will make two consecutive magic rings. I included a photo of how to begin the second magic ring (I’m using a single strand base for the second ring, however you can wrap the tail around twice and use a double strand if you prefer). Feel free to send me a message if you have any questions or are having trouble and I will see what I can do to help.

If you like this pattern, please let me know. If I see that people are enjoying them I will make more available (see more of my Moyashimon amigurumi microbes). かもすぞ~


The pattern for Aspergillus oryzae is essentially the same as several other Moyashimon microbes. For example, you can create Aspergillus sojae by using 4 antennae instead of 5 (omit the top antennae). Or you can create Aspergillus niger by making 5 black antennae and switching to black yarn when crocheting the body (color change at R10).

A. sojae

A. sojae

A. niger

A. niger

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