Special Order

Living in a small town has its drawbacks … one being that it can be difficult to procure my favorite beverage. Unlike most ginger ales that are nothing but corn syrup and fake flavoring, Reed’s is made from real stuff … and oh my is it tasty ^-^ There are several versions, but Extra Ginger Brew is the clear winner. There are a few local stores that carry it (and my generous idea of “local” is anywhere within 45 minutes driving time), however none of them can reliably keep it in stock. It’s obvious that Reed’s is a “low priority” item, evidenced by the small amount of shelf space allotted to it, and crappy product placement (always located on the very bottom shelf or partially hidden by a random beam or something). However, it is still perpetually sold out, even when reaching to the bottles towards the back requires squatting or crawling on the floor (apparently I am not the only diehard fan of this stuff). I suspect that being a “low priority” item, reordering doesn’t always happen right away … actually knowing how this town operates, I’m sure of it. But do you think they ever let their stock of beer and oreos run low? Yeah right. I think that’s the part that really pisses me off. The mainstream junk food stretches the entire aisle and is always well stocked, while the few things I buy are constantly sold out. Whatever.

Ginko examines my “speacial order” case of Reed’s Extra Ginger Brew

So recently when my stash of ginger ale was running a low, I visited the closest store known to carry it … Safeway. I had resolved not buy my ginger ale from Safeway (after never having it in stock, they announced they would stop carrying it, then months later brought only the Extra Brew back … with a significant price hike). However, since I really didn’t want to drive 15-20 miles to another store, I gave them a try … and naturally they were sold out. I drove half an hour to the next store … sold out. Sometimes these little things in life can really get under your skin. The solution was to special order myself a case … and after a long, cranky week of no ginger ale, I am now happily stocked with not one, but two cases (not sure how I ended up with two, but you can’t expect much from the local help … I’m just happy they managed to get me my “speacial order” at all).

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