“Petite vie” … welcome to my sad little life. Also, a line from my favorite book – “Ah! Petite prince, j’ai compris, peu à peu, ainsi, ta petite vie mélancolique.”

Arts & Crafts

I like to make things. Nowadays I mostly work digitally with a tablet & graphics software. I also play around with various fiber crafts (temari, tatting, knitting & crochet). I tend to avoiding “art” (and all its pretensions), but I do enjoy drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, etc. More info & pictures of my artsy fartsy side under “Work.” I’m also on Ravelry – LuluTamiko.


I read mostly verbose classics by old, dead, male authors … preferably French or Russian. My favorite authors are Hugo, Saint-Exupéry, Dumas (père), Tolstoy and Dostoevsky. I am on Library Thing (LuluTamiko) … my library is a reading list of books that I have read or am currently reading.*InformationCe qui embellit le désert, c’est qu’il cache un puits quelque part…zbg qr cnffr 1 rfg eraneq

Video Games

I suck at games, but I still like to play. I like my video games quirky and charming. My favorites are the Katamari Damacy games (especially We Love Katamari) and Okami. Old 8-bit Atari games also hold a special place in my heart.


My taste in music is not very diverse, and I probably don’t have a “discriminating” ear for music. However, I know what I like … I just don’t know (or really care) how it is described or viewed by people these days. I mostly listen to alternative rock … my favorite artist is Andrew McMahon (Something Corporate, Jack’s Mannequin). I also like Jimmy Eat World, Saves the Day, Matchbook Romance, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Amber Pacific, Rufio, Yellowcard, Finch, The Get Up Kids, Brand New … stuff like that. I also listen to classical solo piano … Chopin’s Etude Chanson de l’Adieu, Pachelbel’s Canon in D, Mozart No.16 in C K.545 …

TV & Movies

get it?

In general, I don’t like movies … they seem long, predictable and remind me of all the things I hate about this world. I prefer animation to watching “real” people or Hollywood celebrities. However, I don’t like the 3-D modeling trend (in animation or video games) where everything looks like a stupid HDR fantasy image. I think things look better simplified & 2-D.*Help“Only those who attempt the absurd will achieve the impossible. I think it’s in my basement … let me go upstairs and check.” M.C. Escher

I like shows that teach me something new or interesting, but I rarely find those. There are only a few TV shows I watch … mainly just Futurama, Doctor Who and the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.

Anime & Manga

I’ve seen a lot of anime … also read a fair amount of manga. Favorites include Mushishi, Trigun, Rurouni Kenshin, Planetes, Kyou Kara Maou & Keroro Gunsou. I also enjoyed Monster, Full Metal Panic, Honey and Clover, Saiyuki, Moyashimon and Darker Than Black to name a few. In the same way that I like to read long books, I like following a series that has a long, continuing storyline & characters that continue to develop.


I hate politics. From what I can see they’re all awful, and I’m not going to support anyone whose selling point is that they are the lesser evil.


I am told that I am particular about food, and I’m pretty sick of apologizing for it. Apparently not eating popular/”normal” food is a disagreeable characteristic … oh well.

I have a number of food allergies … notably to Alliums (garlic, onion, etc) and Solanaceae nightshades (especially Capsicum peppers including bell peppers, hot/chili peppers & paprika, eggplant, etc). I don’t enjoy testing foods just to pinpoint the ingredient making me puke, so there are a number of other things that I’m probably allergic to, but haven’t been able to isolate (many herbs for example, but since they are often mixed I can’t tell which ones … also certain oils, like sesame oil). I also have cross reactions to certain fruits because of my hay fever allergies (nothing too serious … just causes itching & burning in my mouth & throat). The food allergy issue (especially when it comes to garlic/onion/peppers) means that the majority of world cuisines & restaurant dishes are inedible.

I am also vegetarian (no meat, poultry or fish). I’m not strict vegan, but fairly close I guess (I don’t eat eggs/dairy outright, but occasionally I eat something containing some amount of dairy or egg). However, I don’t eat typical “vegetarian dishes” either since they tend to be loaded with garlic, onions & peppers to amp up the “flavor” they are supposedly missing from the absence of meat.


I like nature in theory … but it’s not something I like to get in the thick of. Again, this is an allergy thing, and it’s just not worth it. I tend to be an indoor activity kind of girl.



I love sharks, they have always been my favorite animal. I have a shark conservation project that I’m working on called PaperSharks.org
I also like reptiles and amphibians (I currently raise and breed crested geckos). For furry animals, I have a bunny … a dwarf hotot named Ginko. He roams freely in my apartment and has recently taken to sleeping in my bed.

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