animaniacs taught me everything i know

I consider being able to sing this song by heart one of my greatest accomplishments (this might explain a lot of things) …

Yakko’s World:

Yeah, the song by now it is a bit dated, but it is still fabulous none the less. I can’t explain why I was able to pick up this song (with my crappy memory), but I still seem to remember it after so many years. I think part of it is the tune … everything seems to flow so nicely. The melody has four major repeats, and as long as I remember the first nation in each repeat (and the order those four come in), then the rest is smooth sailing. The first part covers North and South America, beginning with the United States. Next we move to Europe, beginning with Norway … then to Asia, starting with India, and finish up Africa beginning with Burundi. I can’t say that it has ever really come in handy, but then most things you learn don’t prove to be terribly useful either.

Of course there are many more great Animaniacs songs. Several of them I know the all the words to, but Yakko’s World will still always be my favorite. The Presidents (all the US presidents in order … up to Clinton) and Wakko’s America (the 50 US states and their capitals) are quite nice. I am also fond of Be Careful What You Eat (this song is basically a long list of food additives), Yakko’s Universe, Let the Anvils Ring, and All The Words in the English Language (still waiting to hear the rest of that one …)

Wakko’s America:

Be Careful What you Eat:

The Presidents: