tiny bunnies movement

tiny bunny left at the Seaside library

How it works:
Knit or crochet a tiny bunny. Write a little note saying something to the effect of “Hi, I’m a tiny bunny, made to brighten your day. Please take me home!”. Leave bunny & note someplace frequented by humans … public places, restaurant tables, coffee shops, libraries, appointment/waiting rooms, offices … places like that. When the bunny disappears, know that you’ve brightened someone’s day ^-^

It’s just a little thing, but it’s cute and sweet … two things that the world could use a lot more of. Lately for my tiny bunnies, I have been making a teeny little tag with a bunny graphic on the front, and “Tiny Bunnies Movement,” “Random acts of kindness” on the back. On the inside, I usually hand-write a message that includes a fabulous name for each bunny … Gavroche, Mokona, Kalypso, Parfyon, Wolfgang, Gillatt, Candide, etc. Anyone out there found one of these little guys?

Ginko presides over a small army of tiny bunnies ready to be released into the world

The pattern I’ve been using of late is a knit pattern from Mochimochi Land – Tiny Baby Bunnies Pattern. The only change I like to make is to use the end with the decreases as the butt-end rather than the face. I like to knit them with white yarn and black eyes after Ginko, my real-life tiny bunny (he may only be 2.5 lbs, but next to them he looks like a giant).

crochet tiny bunnies

Sometimes I crochet bunnies instead for a little variety … usually I just make up a pattern as I go along. Unfortunately, I never remember to write down what I did, so even if they turn out well, I probably won’t ever be able to make another just like it. But maybe being one-of-a-kind bunny is not so bad a thing …

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