Sunshine on my parade

misty day at Arch Cape

I am happy for the approach of fall … it is my favorite season. Already the air is different. The muggy stink of air thick with pollen and bugs is being replaced with nice, clean, cold air. Hopefully the rain will begin soon and wash away all the ickiness left by summer.

It’s unfair that autumn, a season so otherwise pleasant, is marred by the dismal prospect ahead … a long, bleak off-season in a town full of rain-hating whiners (whiners who firmly believe their views on the matter are “normal” and everyone should agree with them). I don’t understand why people who love sunshine and hate grey, rainy days would choose to live here. There are plenty of places on earth where you can “enjoy” some nice blistering summer heat if that’s what you’re in to. I much prefer the mild weather and overcast days here … and yes, the rain too. I have never seen the charm of that bright, nasty ball of fire in the sky … I would much rather it be covered in a lovely cloud. Better yet, a nice low blanket of fog … so cozy ^-^

view from my window ~ misty japanese maple